September 2, 2021 in Education, Opinion

It’s Time

Words by Mike Clayton The current infantile Brooks-Bryson feuding aside, one of the biggest debates in golf is how modern equipment has changed the way the game’s best courses are…
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July 19, 2020 in Education, Opinion

Don’t let the grass grow beneath your feet!

Words by Matthew Mollica 4 Minute Read “Narrow the fairways and grow the rough” is the loud and consistent cry from onlookers when the issue of technology and distance arises…
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October 7, 2019 in Education, Opinion

Putting The Genie Back In The Bottle

Professional golf is a very different game today, when compared to the sport of twenty years ago.  The arrival of the Titleist ProV1 ball in late 2000 marked the start of…
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September 3, 2019 in Education

Aren’t we already bifurcated?

Words by Matthew Mollica 4 Minute Read Whenever the broader topic of distance is discussed in the context of modern golf, focus invariably shifts at some point to “bifurcation”. One…
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