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Rollback Alliance

Because a short game’s a good game

We are a group of passionate golfers united by our concern with the changing nature of today’s game, due to the ever-increasing influence of ball and club technology.


We favour review of the existing rules pertaining to golf clubs and golf balls. We wish to serve as an agent for informed, meaningful discussion on regulatory reform, believing this will serve the professional and amateur games well, both now and into the future.

Our founding members come from all parts of the world. Some are golf architects, some are journalists, while others are keen players, and observers of the pro game.

Read more about the argument for rollback in the article here.

Our Flag

The Rollback Alliance flag is inspired by the International Maritime Signal Flag for the letter G. The phonetic alphabet term for G is golf. When the flag is flown by itself, it is interpreted on the seas as a signal meaning “I require a pilot”. In nautical terms, a pilot is a navigator who guides vessels through hazardous waters.  This analogy is one we find very fitting given our aim of advocacy for golf equipment reform in this complicated time.

Join the movement

Without a coordinated and strong push back from golfers, the game we love will be stretched even further to the brink. Until now, our voices have been too disparate to be heard.

In order to make a noise that is clear enough, and loud enough, that the governing bodies will listen, we must band together and make our call in unison. 

As we build our list of pilots and patrons, you can show your support by following along via our instagram account and twitter account and signing up to our email list below.

Email us any time at info@rollbackalliance.org